Grandiloquence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grandiloquence:

Then he made a lamentable effort to deliver himself of fulminations after the manner of the Chief's grandiloquence.

It has the terseness of the French, without the grandiloquence of the Spanish, being derived directly from the Latin.

But the Colonel's reserved and persistent grandiloquence finally got the better of the other's inclination to banter.

He is of the same semi-classic school as Quintana, and like him devoted to artistic excellence and lyric grandiloquence.

Here lies the distinction between grandiloquence and genuine fancy or bold imaginativeness.

The style is that of an African of the 5th century, full of grandiloquence, metaphors and strange words.

The former quotation gives, it may be incidentally mentioned, a good example of Herr Duehring's axiomatic grandiloquence.

And the grandiloquence of Sharvilaka's Sanskrit in the satirical portion of the third act I have endeavored to imitate.

His mother's never-ceasing worldly cares on such subjects perhaps demanded that a little grandiloquence should be opposed to them.

When we handed him the letter from the prefecto he was quite unable to make aught of its grandiloquence.