Sermon [noun]

Definition of Sermon:

instructive speech with a moral

Synonyms of Sermon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sermon:


Sentence/Example of Sermon:

Still I had not absolutely forgotten the sermon, nor all my good resolutions.

Such is the substitute which he offers us for the Sermon on the Mount.

The golden rule of the Sermon on the Mount is not applied to them.

Then they went through the service together, from hymn and prayer to the sermon.

Only this very morning I read her a sermon upon 'Propriety, and the fitness of things.'

It is that of the religious newspaper which reported the sermon.

He walks on, thinking of the scene he had left, and the sermon he had heard.

Even Tom, with all his staring, knew as little about the sermon as any of us.

I heard the other morning a sermon by a distinguished preacher upon "Rest."

The Sermon on the Mount promises the kingdom to the poor and them that mourn.