Pastoral [adjective]

Definition of Pastoral:

peaceful, especially referring to the countryside

Synonyms of Pastoral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pastoral:

Sentence/Example of Pastoral:

The pastoral interest is the pioneer interest of a new colony.

It was a scene of quiet, pastoral beauty that now met our eyes.

How sweet and pastoral are these cool resting-places in the heart of the Vosges!

And you content to live here, too, leading this simple, pastoral life!

Persons of our rank do not marry like the Corydon and Phyllis of a pastoral.

The Celts were a pastoral people; and their flocks grazed on the downs and hillsides.

Quite a pastoral scene, with a background of river and windmill!

How do you like the simplicity and tenderness of this pastoral?

Virgins, I am not weary of the simplicity of the pastoral life.

I will give one more extract from Bunyan's pastoral addresses.