Tirade [noun]

Definition of Tirade:

abuse, outburst; extended scolding; denunciation; harangue

Synonyms of Tirade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tirade:

Sentence/Example of Tirade:

Of all that tirade, but one sentence had remained as if corroded into the mind of Carrier.

I had listened in a sort of fascination to that tirade of venomous mockery.

The deputy followed me, indulging in a tirade of most abusive language.

It was quite possible, for the other had not paused a moment in her tirade.

Where's the quiet to come from, I ask you, after such a tirade of abuse as that?'

Bells was screaming and sobbing now in anger, and venting a tirade of oaths.

But then suddenly Tona thought of something, and she broke off her tirade.

Petri then broke out into a tirade against his opponent's view.

Long Bill burst into a tirade of profanity that left him breathless.

I know you are a lady and I am not,' said Sarah, and then stopped, breathless from her tirade.