Philippic [noun]

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Such a philippic, he seemed to think, could never be out of season.

He himself goes to Puteoli, and there he writes the second Philippic.

In the same evening he addresses the people in his fourth Philippic.

On the second of September he delivered his first Philippic in the Senate.

Cicero speaks of this event of his life in his twelfth Philippic, c. 11.

If it is wanted for an invective, or philippic, there it is!

Such are the First Philippic and the three orations for Olynthus.

The Second Philippic also was not delivered but issued as a pamphlet.

Page 9: phillippic corrected to philippic after "meeting, a thundering"

And the third Philippic of Cicero: "We are born to honour and liberty; either let us keep them, or die with honour."