Powwow [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Powwow:

You and Moncourt and I must have a powwow as soon as possible.

They won't understand it, and they'll get together and have a powwow.

When a powwow was to be held I always sent him to conduct it if I could not go myself.

Without stopping to call a powwow they summoned all hands to arms.

The fire was resurrected, and they sat down to have a powwow.

What do you suppose the powwow of the teachers was all about?

No, I could see they wanted to get off alone and hold a powwow.

I guess it is, but that's an awful bad spot—that's right, Widow, powwow it.

A North American Indian powwow would be a fair comparison to the performance which was witnessed on this occasion.

The two boys watched the little squad meet the four Indians, and enter into a powwow with them.