Consultation [noun]

Definition of Consultation:

asking, conference

Synonyms of Consultation:

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Sentence/Example of Consultation:

Participation as consultation, meanwhile, is a trend seen in fields like urban design, and increasingly in machine learning too.

After a series of expert panels and consultations, Ofqual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, turned to an algorithm.

With no debate or public consultation, the measure took many people by surprise.

Scheduling consultations or appointmentsOnce businesses respond to user job requests, the tool enables scheduling an appointment, consultation or on-site visit.

Drafted in consultation with the Government Accountability Office, the bill includes real reforms to clean up the Tijuana River, along with the New River in Imperial County.

These are few and verbal, but momentous, and were not made without consultation of many critical authorities and versions.

There it appears that your Majesty has ordered in this matter that consultation be held thereon.

A consultation was held, and it was the unanimous opinion that they should keep on and join McNeil, if they could.

The detective Agnes had retained, called on Baptiste's lawyers and held a lengthy consultation.

Sir Alexander Pepps was bowed out; and the consultation took place; which left the matter just where it was before.