Undetermined [adjective]

Definition of Undetermined:

not determined

Synonyms of Undetermined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undetermined:

Sentence/Example of Undetermined:

Her figure was that of a girl of thirteen, undetermined—but therein I was not critical.

The queen said that she would not leave London while her sister's fate was undetermined.

Even of the direction of that undetermined journey they had but a vague conception.

We were undetermined for some time with respect to where we should go.

All real being must be determined; only pure Nothing can be undetermined.

When the Paradise dwarfs first came into existence is undetermined.

They are in a sort of fit, the possible duration of which is undetermined.

For a second the trio remained motionless and undetermined what course to pursue.

The duel was over and apparently the result was as undetermined as ever.

An exact idea can never be built on such as are loose and undetermined.