Undecided [adjective]

Definition of Undecided:

not sure, not definite

Opposite/Antonyms of Undecided:

Sentence/Example of Undecided:

Then he stopped, undecided, and looked back over his shoulder.

Steenie stood smiling and undecided on the slab in front of the doorstep.

I don't think I was ever so undecided about anything in my life.

I am often undecided, Parmenides, as to whether I ought to include them or not.

Beltrame paused, and looked from Valentina to Gonzaga, undecided.

At all events, there was a struggle of some sort in his mind which went on from year to year undecided.

Perhaps because Dick was undecided what to do, Von Kettler escaped him.

She rose softly, undecided, and going to the window, looked out.

For a moment, I was undecided, but Ump pushed through and I followed him into the room.

She allowed her hand to rest on the back of it as if undecided.