Hesitant [adjective]

Definition of Hesitant:

uncertain, waiting

Synonyms of Hesitant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hesitant:

Sentence/Example of Hesitant:

Despite potential limitations, Leung and Peiris argue that the general public should not be hesitant to get vaccines when they come to market.

Since China’s unemployment is still relatively high, Beijing is hesitant to take any action that would cost jobs.

Those companies may view Alexa as a competitor to their own and may therefore be hesitant to partner with Amazon.

People may be hesitant to use voice assistants if the assistants routinely stumble when asked to do tasks.

Despite efforts to preserve privacy, there is substantial worry that Americans will be hesitant to use the apps.

He was a little hesitant about accepting the assignment and the managing editor misunderstood him somewhat.

The side gates clicked as he stood hesitant under the shelter of the wall, and a figure emerged from his domain.

A moment before, she had been talking to me freely and impulsively, though a little shy and hesitant, as a young girl.

So Nancy went through the little garden again with hesitant feet, and turned her face to the Casino.

Barney stepped out on the sill, moved on a few hesitant steps, stood looking about.