Believing [adjective]

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And the girl, scarce believing her good fortune, departed with a speed that bordered on the ludicrous.

The performers and the nuns nearly died of fright, believing that their last hour had surely come.

But I have never once thought of believing that they were specially created to be lesser lights to the Earth.

Monsieur de Garnache does us the injustice to find a difficulty in believing that you no longer wish to leave us.

Not only were his despatches lost, but he was mistaken in believing that the Cawnpore garrison was overpowered.

But to-day, though he sees, the power of believing in his own vision and of hanging on to it like a bulldog, seems paralysed.

A Church Covenants, believing that she sees the truth in part, and is disposed to accede to it.

Believing that they would be remunerative, he applied for the following English patent in February, 1831.

But considerable difference of opinion exists in this point, many farmers believing that salt produces no effect.

But when he sat down to the piano, believing himself to be alone, he seemed quite absorbed in his improvisations.