Doubting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Doubting:

But these were to him things so obvious that he could not conceive any reasonable person doubting them.

Are you happier now, little doubting female St. Thomas that you are?

There could be no doubting the errand that brought a cavalcade thus furiously from the direction of Lucknow.

There was no doubting their bravery, of which they had given ample proof; they had simply reached the limit of physical endurance.

No, the thorough revolutionist needs no such self-doubting preparations.

How can we avoid doubting the existence of a God, the idea of whom varies in such a remarkable way in the mind of His ministers?

Bright, however, distrusted the ambassador at the Porte, and gave reasons for doubting the alarming telegram.

In many cases indeed there is good reason for doubting whether the name is a patronymic at all.

Doubting, however, that the Indians had gone off altogether, we kept a vigilant watch for their return.

He began to wonder whether she were not amusing herself at his expense; but she gave him no reason for doubting her seriousness.