Fearless [adjective]

Definition of Fearless:

brave, unafraid

Synonyms of Fearless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fearless:

Sentence/Example of Fearless:

At the time, the shuttle program represented a new era for NASA, one that celebrated the citizen astronaut over the Right Stuff era of fearless test pilots with military backgrounds.

Through our activism, strikes, and fearless speaking out, the youth of the world are calling on adults to care for all the glorious life that exists here—to do it now, before it’s too late.

Never Stop Arriving’ is about a state of fearless evolution.

Sam’s wide-ranging and fearless conversations often help me draw connections between things I’m thinking about or working on.

It’s something that we talked a lot about on the show, how people can go about dreaming in a fearless way and then ultimately realize it.

With a cold and fearless bearing, Longcluse had by this time entered the dreadful door of a prison.

He had fine features—features that told of an iron will and a fearless spirit; nevertheless, they had a gloomy cast.

Fearless, strong, and proud, he will conquer all obstacles; he will break his chains and liberate mankind.

To Helen it seemed as if the old, heroic West had spoken through this fearless giant of other days.

Then the portrait of Robert Hunter, beginning “Whether he was originally big or little,” and ending “fearless and gentle.”