Sassy [adjective]

Definition of Sassy:


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Sentence/Example of Sassy:

I said go ahead and try, or words not quite so sassy but meanin' the same.

Why, you little sawed-off, dried-up, sassy son of a sea cook!

I thought I'd shipped a man, but I see 'twas only a sassy baby.

He never whipped them unless they was lazy or sassy or had a fight.

Pretty soon he got so sassy that nobody could live with him.

For us Yankees jus' turn up bright an' sassy all over the place.

Do you know what they are walking up and down the sand fur in that sassy shtyle?

Calling to Sassy, she got up on her knees with the thought of flight.

"Mais, he is a sassy; I would sell him, me," said the young Creole.

"Like as not you were sassy to her, and she shut you up," said his sister artfully.