Insolent [adjective]

Definition of Insolent:

bold, disrespectful

Opposite/Antonyms of Insolent:

Sentence/Example of Insolent:

Under the long lashes of low lids a pair of eyes black and insolent set off the haughty lines of her scarlet lips.

But he is as insolent as you could wish, and has a superb confidence in himself that his enemies call by the most offensive names.

The insolent tone of him was like having one's face slapped, and it didn't pass over Lyn's head by any means.

Of course I had to satisfy the ruffian's insolent demands, but I did so under protest.

Aristide for the first time abandoned his lazy and insolent attitude and jumped to his feet.

But thenceforth the insurgent troops became quite uncontrollable and insolent to their officers.

An insolent overbearing steward had reigned absolute monarch of the soil, during a long period of fifteen years.

Her agitation was plain to him, and it puzzled him, as did the downcast glance of eyes usually so bold and insolent in their gaze.

She controlled her voice into a tone of gentle sadness; she set a mask of sorrow upon her insolent face.

The pleasant gentleman's eyebrows went up; a smile that was almost insolent broke on his face.