Salty [adjective]

Definition of Salty:

flavored with sodium chloride

Synonyms of Salty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Salty:




Sentence/Example of Salty:

Every fluid of the body is salty, and every cell of the body is bathed in salt water.

The air was heavy, and the salty flavor of the flats might almost be tasted in it.

This sea stirred not, while the air above it was frozen in salty silence.

A strong, salty fragrance, wet and sweet, floated on the breeze.

The water that forms rain comes from the ocean, yet the rain is not salty.

Indeed these were occasions when the place was kept humming with a salty brightness.

You didn't like salty olives the first time you tasted them.

And David took his salty handkerchief from his eyes and laughed.

The salty spray increased to a gentle rain, buffeting her cheeks.

The thick, salty taste persisted in his mouth, nauseating him.