Blah [adjective]

Definition of Blah:

dull, lifeless

Synonyms of Blah:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blah:

Sentence/Example of Blah:

My style was to tough it out, which earned me great praise for strength, dignity, blah blah blah.

People were saying the world was going to heat up, there’s nothing we could do about it, we just have to adapt, blah, blah.

That tissue ranks in looks somewhere between blah and dried-up dog droppings.

He has gone towards the kitchen— Sudah dia jalan sa-blah dapor.

There will be four windows on each side opening down to the floor— Sa-blah ampat jandela panjang ter-buka sampei di bendul.

No one could cut through the constant, maddening mental blah-blah-blah that was being churned out by Barcelona's noisemakers.