Dashing [adjective]

Definition of Dashing:

bold, flamboyant

Synonyms of Dashing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dashing:

Sentence/Example of Dashing:

That intelligence later caught the eye of the dashing Franklin Roosevelt, a somewhat-distant cousin who courted her with the nose-holding approval of his mother.

The Ellsberg of 2021 bears a strong resemblance to the brilliant, dashing character at the center of one of the most pivotal moments in legal and journalistic history.

Sidney Poitier, the dashing, trailblazing star of stage and screen, has received countless accolades and awards as one of Hollywood’s most revered icons.

There are chic copitas for sipping mezcal and a dashing ice scooping set too.

I hope the French Government will recognize this dashing stroke of d'Amade's by something more solid than a thank you.

She also played his Fourteenth Rhapsody with orchestral accompaniment in most bold and dashing style.

The rebellious brown hair was almost in the shade of my own dashing hat-brim.

He was dashing off in his eager fashion, when Mr. Ducksmith laid a detaining hand on his arm.

Mrs. Ducksmith gathered up her knitting and retired, Aristide dashing to the door to open it for her.

At Aspern and Essling the cavalry of the Guard and the reserve cavalry covered themselves with glory by their dashing charges.