Swashbuckling [adjective]

Definition of Swashbuckling:

bold, flamboyant

Synonyms of Swashbuckling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swashbuckling:

Sentence/Example of Swashbuckling:

Think you it is only a war-worn, hard-drinking, swashbuckling ruffler that can sin?

He sought to make up in swashbuckling and boasting what he lacked in courage.

"You don't look like a fire-eating, swashbuckling party to me," he said.

I rather fancy I'm a better man for having been a swashbuckling boy.

And if rip-roaring, swashbuckling, drunken glory is what he is after, he gets it.

Her plots have been but sugared nonsense, or swashbuckling ups and downs.

The fashion now is for swashbuckling tales with a haze of powder smoke rising to high heaven.

The little tinselled figure, looking taller in its swashbuckling habits, stared at him defiantly.

There is a man who is certainly no swashbuckling novelist of the Wardour Street school.

The swashbuckling Jack Altshuler had know his many times commander even better than Cogswell had realized.