Unfashionable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unfashionable:

She sat back for a moment, and stared out at the unfashionable street.

The billiard-saloon was on the east side of the city, in an unfashionable locality.

To doing this, in a book, I have an unfashionable but unalterable objection.

The dress of to-day is unfashionable to-morrow, because every body wears it.

They have come, you see, at last, even to this unfashionable corner of the island.

She was neither shabby nor unfashionable; the fashion, too, expressed her, not itself.

But adoration was in the air, and she had not sufficient originality to be unfashionable.

Did you ever see such an unfashionable necktie in your life?

Indeed, for the matter of that, a good many of my opinions were unfashionable.

It is unfashionable to look at them—even speculation is at an end.