Outdated [adjective]

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They do not disseminate the little, outdated knowledge that they do possess.

Medicare's finances are strained and its coverage is outdated.

Medicare's finances are strained, and its coverage is outdated.

The old Hebrew views of the physical system, outdated as they are now, are nevertheless full of sublimity on their own account.

Typos aside, the text is original and retains some inconsistent or outdated spellings.

Cavalry is outdated, nowadays, but in rocky mountain country they can have uses where tanks can't go.

We must literally transform our outdated unemployment system into a new reemployment system.

America's immigration system is also outdated -- unsuited to the needs of our economy and to the values of our country.

Material published before 1980 may be outdated and even recently published materials may be inaccurate.

The crazy quilt of outdated, clumsy old buildings that was the local Starmen's Enclave.