Daring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Daring:

So that’s the conversation that Kemp wanted to have, and that’s daring.

Feast of the Epiphany is the most experimental and daring of the films on this list, and one that will haunt you after it’s over.

The energetic, the daring, the high-spirited go, leaving the residue more abject and nerveless than ever.

It was lying sound asleep on a mud-bank, not dreaming, doubtless, of the daring bipeds who were about to disturb its repose.

They gave a sort of daring unconscious eighteenth-century coquetry to what was otherwise a somewhat severe style of beauty.

It was a daring thing on my part and I am sure many a reader of the paper must have smiled at my criticisms.

It is likewise formed daring the decay of animal and vegetable matters, and is consequently evolved from dung and compost heaps.

Only a cool and daring man could have succeeded in defeating so many strong enemies.

He had come to her to-day 23 by sheer force of will, not daring to stay away longerand what had he come for?

He was one of the most daring, brave and intrepid officers of the army, and his adventures almost border on romance.