Chicken [noun]

Definition of Chicken:

person afraid to try something

Synonyms of Chicken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chicken:


Sentence/Example of Chicken:

Frozen 2 all but drags Elsa’s queerness into the text, though it chickens out at the last minute.

Tyga launched TYGA BITES, a “celebrity-owned virtual dining concept,” aka chicken nuggets you order through Grubhub.

Swallowing eye-popping amounts of fried chicken, instant noodles and hot dogs have made these gluttons internet stars.

We tested this 20,000-BTU propane grill when we had family visiting and were able to cook enough chicken thighs and legs for six people.

Sharing the boat with a pig, a donkey, and a chicken, they set sail for the Seychelles, more than a thousand miles to the west.

Mass-market chickens and eggs are mostly produced by larger operations that don’t rely on mail delivery of chicks, Das said.

So once you’ve had something like chicken pox or mumps or measles, you’ll always have some memory cells ready to make more antibodies if they see that infection again.

Even though people may get sick from Covid-19, the number of chickens didn’t change.

The Israeli company SuperMeat is focused on growing chicken.

Squinty could look out, but the slats were as close together as those in a chicken coop, and the little pig could not get out.