Undoubted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undoubted:

Those who desire information of the most undoubted, must refer to his pages.

To my grandmother her various attitudes had an undoubted meaning.

Her good looks were undoubted, but to him they were of an almost celestial order.

The newspapers of the day regarded the expedition as an undoubted success.

This I have from undoubted authority, one of the family Ministers.

I had the fact, which is now first recorded, on undoubted authority.

It was an undoubted pity that there had not been time to go to a good tailor.

It came from the Dordrecht gallery, and is an undoubted Both!

But there was that undoubted love-letter from Mrs. Houghton.

Investigation of the water-supply showed the undoubted cause of the epidemic.