Unchallenged [adjective]

Definition of Unchallenged:

positive, accepted

Opposite/Antonyms of Unchallenged:

Sentence/Example of Unchallenged:

This sacramentalism was not unchallenged, as we have already seen from Plato himself.

Why should not sight be added to the unchallenged datum of the mind.

He was a man of chivalrous instincts and unchallenged probity.

Generally, however, as this incompatibility is accepted, it is not unchallenged.

For almost a thousand years they have been our unchallenged rule of governance.

Mine has the painting-schools—the Sienese, Venetian and unchallenged Florentine.

They are used, unchallenged, by any and every body willing to pay for them.

Henry left only one son, and that sons legitimacy was unchallenged.

They are distinguished by a humor of unchallenged originality.

The correspondence, the genuineness of which is unchallenged, speaks for itself.