Unmistakable [adjective]

Definition of Unmistakable:

certain, definite

Synonyms of Unmistakable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmistakable:

Sentence/Example of Unmistakable:

“The man is virtually a cripple,” he added with unmistakable feeling.

And my father, opening up by degrees, showed an unmistakable relish for Joe.

White as was her face, there was in it an unmistakable look of reviving life!

Then his body quivered, and he felt an unmistakable push against him.

But Tyndall knew one thing for certain, the mention of his name had been unmistakable.

There was only one this morning, addressed in his strange, unmistakable hand.

He mouthed his words with unmistakable relish, and relapsed into silence.

Her voice echoed above with the unmistakable echo of empty rooms.

The impudence and thinly veiled hostility in the man's tone were unmistakable.

She was calm enough now, but her earnestness was unmistakable.