Pronounced [adjective]

Definition of Pronounced:

distinct, evident

Synonyms of Pronounced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pronounced:

Sentence/Example of Pronounced:

By all who have seen her, Helen Winship is pronounced the most beautiful of women.

My opinion of this machine is so pronounced that I do not care to state it fully.

What had he said, what was the word he had just pronounced, that she should be so overcome by it?

A second time she interrupted herself in the tremor of the words she pronounced.

With the insight of a kindred temperament he pronounced his verdict.

"As good a pulse as ever man had," pronounced Mr. Walsingham.

I was about a month, after this, under his care, when he pronounced me to be sea-worthy again.

The word Dynasty (he pronounced it Die-nasty) makes me sick!

We called it Baliana, and we pronounced Abydos according to our education.

The doctor was sent for, and pronounced it to be the scarlet fever.