Salient [adjective]

Definition of Salient:

noticeable, important

Synonyms of Salient:

Opposite/Antonyms of Salient:

Sentence/Example of Salient:

On the eastern side of the salient there were five distinct attacks.

Here the Germans had a salient which was long and quite narrow.

The point of this salient was at St. Mihiel, the other side of the Meuse.

The French did not plan to make an attack on the salient at its apex.

Plava was in a salient occupying about the middle of the Austrian line.

To the north of the salient there was a railroad from Etain to Metz.

The engagements on the south of the salient were fought desperately.

Four companies of the Eighty-sixth Regiment had held the salient.

This salient was occupied by the Scots and the Coldstream Guards.

But it was not our fate to meet the enemy again while in the salient.