Denoted [verb]

Definition of Denoted:

designate, mean

Synonyms of Denoted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denoted:

Sentence/Example of Denoted:

Not only might a reader wonder what the word “hero” denotes here, they may also puzzle why there can be no more heroes to follow.

The answer is unclear, but, to cover their bases, some companies ask employees to denote company-approved posts with hashtags.

A half line represents five knots, a full line denotes ten knots, and flags are reserved for increments of 50 knots.

One of the things, therefore, denoted by the offering of seven sacrifices was the swearing of it.

This the man did drawing his knife in the manner denoted by the dotted lines in the engraving.

Their flavor is not always uniform, and is not denoted by the color as in other varieties.

No flashing lights denoted the passing of liners, for they were safe in the harbor of the lower levels.

Riding forward, Moffat and Waterboer found a young woman belonging to the Mantatees, whose whole appearance denoted direful want.

On the prorogation of the provincial parliament everything denoted imminent troubles.

Let us now consider the relation between this fixed or standard scale and the varieties denoted by the terms harmonia and tonos.