Delineated [verb]

Definition of Delineated:

describe; outline

Synonyms of Delineated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delineated:

Sentence/Example of Delineated:

Under the standard delineated by the justices in the Boren case, such a law can be justified only if it is substantially related to an important governmental interest.

Designers recommend installing curtains, floor screens, doors, or even working in a closet to delineate a barrier from the rest of our lives.

Datalog is used to delineate possible events that can occur in a time series based on events that have already occurred.

It bars LGBT staff and students, and requires job applicants to agree that marriage unites one man with one woman “in a single, exclusive covenant union as delineated in Scripture.”

That information could be the distance to a car you’re following, or markers delineating the edge of the road in low-light situations, or navigation help via directional arrows that work a bit like the optimal racing line overlay in games like Forza.

That of Bontius is more simple and more true; but the inferior part of the legs is badly delineated.

The process of dying has been considerately delineated by Chaucer.

His representations of human nature both true and impressive ; he delineated both its intellect and passion .

The annexed plate represents a small animal of the opossum kind, which has not before been delineated.

My Lords, is this a magistrate of the same description as the sovereign delineated by Mr. Hastings?