Overlaid [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Overlaid:

They were constructed of ivory and jet, and their capitals were overlaid with the purest gold.

They grow as he grows; they are a kind of composition with which his own philosophy is overlaid.

That again got overlaid by the sans-façon of a grande dame of the Second Empire.

But in these days she overlaid her life with gladness and made her house pleasant for her sons.

The trunks of the birch-trees, the slumbering leaves were overlaid with silver.

There was interest in his mind, overlaid with skepticism, of course, but interest all the same.

The sun and wind had overlaid the delicate bloom of her cheek with rose.

These air-holes are overlaid loosely with flags and other light materials.

The winter brownness of the ground was overlaid with a little shimmer of green.

They must be chaste and sincere, and overlaid with pure gold.