Delimited [verb]

Definition of Delimited:

set the limits

Synonyms of Delimited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delimited:

Let go

Sentence/Example of Delimited:

I know of no way of so identifying it except by discovering that it is delimited in a time continuum.

They had measured Greatness; greatness which is not to be delimited by the wanton outrages of man or the accidents of time.

On any other basis, personality is not indissolubly bound to body nor by it necessarily delimited.

How local areas may, in a scientific way, be delimited and isolated for purposes of study will appear in a later chapter.

By the close of the 11th century the boundary between England and Scotland was roughly delimited on existing lines.

They were packed in a sharply delimited circle about a mile wide.

This delimited area is little short of a million square miles.

Here is a stretch of country, accurately delimited on the ordnance map; I say of it, it is mine.

Where British and French troops were operating together in a fighting zone, their respective responsibilities were delimited.

In this year Russia and England delimited their boundaries in the Pamirs.