Incised [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incised:

Some are beautifully polished and ornamented with incised work.

Others from the same city were ornamented by incised lines rubbed in with white chalk, in which case they were flat.

They were all of a black color and their incised ornamentation was practically the same as those from the upper cities.

On the outside, just below the rim, are the four incised parallel lines mentioned.

Not only were the products greatly similar, but the same style of geometric decoration by incised lines is common to both.

The incised lines of the specimen indicate the possible intention of the artist to make the Swastika.

Its flat surface is decorated with a Greek cross in incised lines, two quarters of which are filled with hatch marks.

An incised wound is one made by a cutting instrument, such as a knife or a piece of glass.

To avoid such occurrences, it is in many cases proper to convert a punctured into an incised wound.

All the wounds which can be inflicted may be classed under the heads of incised, punctured, and lacerated.