Nominated [adjective]

Definition of Nominated:


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Sentence/Example of Nominated:

His motion was carried, and he himself was nominated as one of the commissioners.

He was nominated by the Breckenridge party for Governor of the State, but declined.

I am sorry it is your father I must beat, but, Phyllis, I must be nominated.

Here be men who would destroy Bastilles for you, if it were nominated in the bond.

He was, besides, nominated a Knight of the Legion of Honour.

So you're nominated for the office of peace-maker, Mr. Savage?

Mrs. Macon was nominated for regent of the State University.

He would be proposed by the Governor-General, and nominated by the Porte for four years.

"If Blaine is nominated, he will be defeated," said more than one.

In the meantime the Democrats had nominated Grover Cleveland.