Dotted [adjective]

Definition of Dotted:


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Sentence/Example of Dotted:

Smaller camps dotted canyons and neighborhoods throughout the city.

If you click on that dotted line or overlay, Google will take you to that third-party site, not the site Google uses for the featured snippet result.

Choose from blank, dotted, and lined paper that is bleed-resistant and smooth to write one.

This the man did drawing his knife in the manner denoted by the dotted lines in the engraving.

The figures, besides being outlined by the dots, were decorated all over with the same pigment in dotted transverse belts.

And soon the wooded hills were dotted with small herds moving toward the ford.

It passes through the copper-mining section of Cornwall and the country is dotted with abandoned mines.

The fen country faintly reminds one of Holland, lying low and dotted here and there with huge windmills.

The greasy surface, dotted here and there with specks of vegetable, resembles a pool of stagnant water covered with green slime.

So Sara Lee got into her white bed with the dotted Swiss valance, and drew the covers to her chin, and looked a scant sixteen.