Scrawled [adjective]

Definition of Scrawled:


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Sentence/Example of Scrawled:

With it was a scrawled line, "I'm leaving the head and heels of the future to you."

And I saw that the address, scrawled in pencil, was in Anthony's handwriting.

He then unfolded a second paper, on which some verses to Sarah Bernhardt were scrawled.

These words were scrawled in pencil on the inside: 'I don't want it indeed.

Often she had scanned Lucia's scrawled programs for the names there.

The walls of rude minds are scrawled all over with facts, with thoughts.

Edna produced the list, scrawled in pencil on the back of an envelope.

Obscene words were scrawled on the walls, and even on the pulpit itself.

"Nora" was scrawled in Kathie's handwriting on the outside of the note.

He handed to him a piece of paper on which he had scrawled his secret instructions.