Characterized [verb]

Definition of Characterized:

typify, distinguish

Synonyms of Characterized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Characterized:

Sentence/Example of Characterized:

Elbridge Gerry, was characterized by his political opponents as a monstrous beast, the Gerrymander, rather than a more conventional shape.

Trying to speed up science carries many risks, especially for a novel virus like this one, which is not well understood nor easily characterized.

Both observe in submillimeter wavelengths that stretch from far infrared to microwave, which allows scientists to more closely characterize the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

Atkins characterized the bill as a victim of a timing failure and foot-dragging by the Assembly, which didn’t allow it enough time to get that final Senate vote.

A childhood characterized by hardship, negligence or abuse can also alter the neuroendocrine system that regulates how the body responds to stress.

Many agreed that traditional vaccine development, characterized by long lead times, manufacturing monopolies and weak investment, was broken.

These sources of noise can easily cause errors to creep into calculations, so finding ways to properly characterize and mitigate them will be essential for building quantum computers that can solve real-world problems.

We generally go out of our way to not characterize news organizations as partisan, even if they have a liberal or conservative view.

If you had to characterize Ajit Pai’s general philosophy as a regulator, you might say it occupies that very fine line between what’s bad for consumers and what’s bad for business.

Of course the expression of this value is modified and characterized by the nature of the thing spoken of.