Sentenced [verb]

Definition of Sentenced:

decide punishment

Synonyms of Sentenced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentenced:

Sentence/Example of Sentenced:

Almost any other man would have sentenced the dog to immediate death.

So Salvat was sentenced to death even before he had appeared in court.

They did what you thought wrong, and your conscience judged and sentenced them.

Men were tried and sentenced never for deeds, but always for words.

He obtained bail while his comrades were tried and sentenced.

The chief of this little band of Pequots was sentenced to be shot.

He was taken to Stonington, where he was sentenced to be shot.

Reluctantly the judge had sentenced her to life-long imprisonment.

She had summed him up, convicted him and sentenced him in that one phrase.

Two brothers having been sentenced to death, one was executed first.