Moral [adjective]

Definition of Moral:

ethical, honest

Opposite/Antonyms of Moral:

Sentence/Example of Moral:

But moral conviction and legal proof are quite different things.

From evil—physical, moral, and political—it is not our claim to be exempt.

There is no limit to the moral baseness of the man of avarice.

The story will signally fail of its purpose if it does not carry its own moral with it.

The moral discipline of the school was also called in question.

There is a moral, and a religion too, even in the silent walls.

But where the material and the moral exist together, what is to happen then?

The conditions are appalling, but, according to the custom of the country, they are "moral."

The moral customs of their countries were possibly held by them lightly.

As for the moral obligation, they have probably never so much as heard the words.