Kosher [adjective]

Definition of Kosher:

ritually proper

Synonyms of Kosher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kosher:


Sentence/Example of Kosher:

So, it takes some courage to suggest that those billions and trillions may not be kosher.

They weren’t telling them because they knew what they were doing wasn’t kosher.

Season all over with 1½ teaspoons kosher salt, rubbing to adhere.

Her talents as a home chef were so apparent that she soon began taking kosher catering orders for hotel guests visiting Dubai.

At Saffron in New Orleans, bar director Ashwin Vilkhu keeps a kosher salt solution on hand for a variety of drinks, including the Junglee Bird.

At B&H Dairy, one of New York’s last kosher lunch counters, a sign in the window welcomes customers.

He wanted eighty roubles, and swore by his kosher Yiddishkeit (ritually pure Judaism) that the affair would cost him seventy-five.

Mr. Enoch, the kosher butcher, rose amid excitement, and asked if he had come there to be insulted!

I met him one day in one of his resorts, a "kosher" lunch room of the Jewish district.

She helps an aunt who conducts a little kosher delicatessen shop in a Hester-st.