Unethical [adjective]

Definition of Unethical:

dishonest, immoral

Synonyms of Unethical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unethical:

Sentence/Example of Unethical:

If the proceeding was unethical—well, Heaven knows I was punished for it.

I realize that advertising is "unethical" among dentists as among physicians.

Strictly speaking there is no such thing as an unethical religion.

The young are, and should be up to a certain age, unethical.

The tragedies of the younger poets for the most part are unethical.

It represents the genius of instinct, swift, feral, and unethical.

Mysticism is here conceived as unethical, unhistorical, and unrational.

It is not ideal if it is unethical, unhygienic, or unæsthetic.

Almost anything they do singly and on individual responsibility is unethical.

No, that would be unethical and the strongest part of a psi's training was a fine code of ethics.