Slippery [adjective]

Definition of Slippery:

smooth, slick

Synonyms of Slippery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slippery:

Sentence/Example of Slippery:

In one or two spots the water ran over, and those spots were slippery.

The door was piled with bodies, and the stone floor was slippery with blood.

It was about ten o'clock—rainin' hard and bad goin', it was that slippery.

Then he sprang upon the slippery rock and snatched the gold.

I should have believed so, if my hand which had clutched that other hand, had not been slippery with oil.

I thought I had never handled rails so heavy and slippery in my life.

She took him up gingerly, but dropped him again—he was so slippery and damp!

We went down the slippery oak-staircase, and out into the quiet street.

Nothin' much on any of them, except this slippery wop, Tony Costello.

He clawed with his hands, but the planks was slippery, and he slid astern fast.