Glistening [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Glistening:

A girl smaller than herself, and dressed from neck to heels in a glistening raincoat, ran under Jesss umbrella and seized her arm.

Out upon the linoleum 29 rolled the glistening coinsseveral of them gold piecesthat Jess had noted so greedily in the egg store.

It was the glistening look that comes when he is watching baby, or hearing Margaret say pretty things to her.

Very compact and fine-grained reddish granular quartz, with a glistening lustre, and flat conchoidal fracture.

Morning found him walking across fresh meadowlands with the dew glistening on his bare head and broad, straight shoulders.

Out of it in a sharp right turn shot a projectile, tiny and glistening against the velvet black.

Where was my great commerce that so lately had made these glistening expanses populous and beautiful with its white-winged flocks?

The men wore nothing but magnificent head-dresses and a bunch of leaves, and were oiled and glistening in the sunlight.

It was extraordinary in a group of five how many glistening backs would be presented, quite without offence, to her approach.

Both men and women had long hair, ranging in color from black to tawny, and very clean and glistening.