Reflecting [verb]

Definition of Reflecting:

give back

Synonyms of Reflecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reflecting:

Sentence/Example of Reflecting:

Reflecting, by your ostentation, upon all the ladies in the county, who do not as you do.

"In fact——" She paused, reflecting, with her head to one side.

"The Emperor has another plan," said the policeman, after reflecting for a couple of minutes.

Mademoiselle Saget was reflecting, and she expressed her thoughts aloud.

He seemed to be reflecting and to find his reflections not too pleasant.

Possibly he was reflecting that, at least, he knew enough to go in when it rained.

He scratched his ear, reflecting no doubt upon the drift of my announcement.

It checked his purpose, and, reflecting this, his pace fell to an amble.

Far below was the lake, reflecting sky and hills and farmsteads, all asleep.

It is not indirect lighting; the ceiling and the walls are not reflecting it at all.