Underlining [verb]

Definition of Underlining:

emphasize; mark

Synonyms of Underlining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underlining:


Sentence/Example of Underlining:

This e-text uses a combination of underlining and mouse-hovers.

Smith used it continually, underlining his remarks with it, so to speak.

Between a couple of—(underlining the word) Shirts, and brought it home.

Material and color are indicated on the left by underlining.

She pointed to the message, underlining words with her finger.

"My dear—I believe he drinks," she said, underlining the words.

Thereafter Mr. Saltus wrote "tolerance," and, underlining the word, added it to a list he had made.

No abbreviations of words should be indulged in, nor underlining of words intended to be made emphatic.

Underlining the announcer's words was the scratching of Gramps' pen, the one Willy had given him the night before.

He had read Dorian Gray the whole of the evening before, underlining appropriate aphorisms.