Confirming [verb]

Definition of Confirming:

ratify, validate, prove

Opposite/Antonyms of Confirming:

Sentence/Example of Confirming:

What has become of the letter from M. de St. Mars, said to have been discovered some years ago, confirming this last hypothesis?

Hence he regards the notation as confirming his theory of the nature and history of the Modes.

Although confirming most of the privileges of the nobles, the constitution nevertheless bore in it seeds of good promise.

"Go ahead," ordered Judson Green, confirming the choice with a nod.

"Yes, it's me—all of me," the man replies, as if confirming a doubtful statement.

A system of original punctuation is thus virtually demonstrated, confirming the Masoretic division.

She was ready and anxious to right all the wrongs she had inflicted; he was bent on increasing and confirming them.

The chief aim was not rapidity of progress, but confirming and practising that which long experience had proved to be good.

But his Kalam may injure his belief instead of confirming it, by reason of the many difficulties and doubts it introduces.

Brother Patten, in confirming me, promised that I should be healed of my infirmity and become a strong and powerful man.