Tempered [verb]

Definition of Tempered:

calm, moderate

Opposite/Antonyms of Tempered:

Sentence/Example of Tempered:

It came from the furnace of the Revolution, tempered to the necessities of the times.

They are not necessary; they might be avoided; at their worst they could be tempered.

His dismissal from the staff was a wise move, tempered by unexpected clemency.

"I don't care who hears me," Adams said, harshly, though he tempered his loudness.

It was a hot morning in June, tempered by a wind from the north-west.

These odours were as yet vague, tempered by the moisture which clung to the ground.

Judson's joy at her acceptance was tempered, it seemed to me.

The two looked at one another in surprise, tempered with anger in the one and dismay in the other.

For a moment, therefore, in his bearing bravado was tempered with hesitancy.

Their discipline was tempered by kindness and an earnest Christian faith.