Flex [verb]

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The moon is believed to be a geologically active world, like the Earth, because the strong tidal flexing heats its rocky, metallic interior and keeps it partially molten.

This thick bag is made of a durable fabric with a waterproof finish and has an outer surface that flexes to the shape of the contents within, making it a good choice for comprehensive protection of irregularly shaped items.

Similarly, as a first-time CEO, I often have to flex muscles I’ve never used before.

Omnicom CEO John Wren, who has already cut 6,100 jobs, told analysts last month that each one of the holding group’s individual offices has action plans in place that “flex up and down” in response to ad spending.

They’re starting to flex that muscle, with demands from athletes in the Pac 12 and Big Ten conferences that mix health and safety with racial and economic justice, combined with a threat not to play if their demands aren’t met.

She saw again the splendid flex of his side and powerful thigh.

He picked it up and flexed it a bit, as a man might flex a rapier to test its material.

The Wall Street man lifted one of the hands, tried to flex the arm that held it.

A few airy flex-strung bridges had been completed to link them, but there was still an extensive boat traffic.

He paused long enough to flex a presentable bicep with pardonable pride.