Stating [verb]

Definition of Stating:

declare, assert

Synonyms of Stating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stating:

Sentence/Example of Stating:

She's mine, and I'm hers—which are two ways of stating the same delightful fact.

Gently I pushed her away and arose, stating that I must leave at once.

We must stake our all on a lucky throw, and I will share the risk by stating my views on education.

He saw, at last, that he was stating something not altogether accurate.

I think there is now no impropriety in stating that it is to her that the poem "Memories" refers.

Fyne nodded with deepened gravity, stating in his bass tone.

Phil lost no time in stating his case in plain words to the politician.

An answer was requested, stating when and how Dodge would make the return trip.

"About a mile and a half," says Leonidas, stating it generous.

The difficulty, and it is a great one, consists in stating its age.