Spiel [noun]

Definition of Spiel:

patter, sales pitch

Synonyms of Spiel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiel:


Sentence/Example of Spiel:

I wonder the guards don't refuse their spiel at my coming and going.

"Aw, boss, that was part of the spiel," he confessed frankly.

That was what worried me most,—could I come across with the standin' spiel?

"I don't get it," I said politely, when he'd finished his spiel.

The boys want me to make a spiel, but the saw is more in my line.

Sit down, dearie and hold your horses till we spiel out this hand.

You can hand em the spiel you gave me, and see how much they believe of it.

He'll give you a spiel about his research and ask to measure your brain waves.

Put up a spiel that he could n't live without me, and all that.

You made your spiel, and you t'rowed me out, and I let it go at dat.